Saturday, May 25, 2013

[Prom] Dinner 2013

We hosted dinner for Prom again this year.  For all of the same reasons.  Luckily we still had access to Grandma's house.  It is so much easier to set-up a formal dinner ahead of time (as in several days) and away from my kitchen/dining room.  I did most of the prep work and cooking at my house and then transported everything to Grandma's just before the kids arrived.  We used many of the same elements as last year to decorate with.  Why recreate the wheel?  You know what I mean?  We added a robin's egg blue color to the scheme. Which I loved!

I added to the bunting.  More is better when it comes to bunting.  Don't you think?  And I bought several new strands of white twinkle lights.  I made new cloth napkins.   I love the look of burlap and lace and kind of went that route.  We draped the tables with burlap-like table clothes and layered lace doilies down the center.  I ended up using some of the left-over corsage flowers in vases for the centerpieces.  Mostly because I ran out of time to do anything else.  But also because they were absolutely gorgeous! 

My favorite part?  These menu cards/ silverware holders:

I'd seen some similar ideas on the internet and combined a few of them together to come up with these. 

I used a long kraft paper envelope for the menu card.  I just printed the menu right onto the envelope.  I wrapped them with lace and added a few pearls.  Then I put the silverware inside and placed it on top of the napkin.  As you can see, we served a four course meal.  The kids chose their entrees ahead of time.  They chose between steak, chicken, and salmon.  We grilled all of it on the BBQ.  Delicious! 

I also made this rustic cake stand: 

The cake was compliments of my employer.  I deliver wedding cakes on the side.  My employer had a bride cancel her wedding at the very last minute the day before the prom.  The implications of which are very sad and tragic.  But then again, maybe a good thing?  It's hard to say.  The cake was already made and decorated and needed a good home.  Lucky for me!!  It was the perfect dessert to serve to the kids.  And super delicious!

But back to the cake stand.  I bought a wooden round table top at Home Depot.  I think it measured about fifteen inches in diameter.  My son sanded it, painted it, and distressed it for me.  Then we attached it to the base, using some Gorilla Glue.  The base is really just a candle holder from Hobby Lobby.  A substantial candle holder...yes.  But a candle holder just the same.  I was going to make two and use them in the centers of the table.  But once again, ran out of time.  With the gift of the cake, it became the best cake stand ever!  I love it!  It's been a prominent piece in my dining area ever since.

It was so much fun to spend the night with these teenagers that I love!  We were able to serve a delicious affordable meal, and make some awesome memories together.

My niece provided the dinner music.  She is so amazing on the piano!  And Grandma has the most beautiful grand piano you've ever seen.  A huge thank you to all of my "helpers"!  My family was an invaluable source of help before and during the dinner.  Not to mention the gargantuan task of cleaning up afterward.

Thanks everyone!

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