Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[Prom Week] Bunting

So, this weekend is our high school prom.  My son asked his date about five or six weeks ago.  We have been making plans ever since.  I can not believe how expensive prom can be.  It's craze-balls.  By the time you buy your dance tickets, rent the tuxedo, buy a corsage, and pay for dinner you are easily in the $200 range.  That's a lot of money for a teenager who hasn't had a job since last summer.  Believe me, those funds were exhausted long ago.  And that's a lot of money for Mom to fork over.  Time to get creative.

Color me crazy, but I volunteered to host seven couples for a formal dinner.  Each young man is donating $25 to the cause (which is quite a bargain if you ask me).  We were able to secure a wonderful location for free.  Some friends are letting us borrow a couple of round tables and enough chairs for everyone.  My niece, who is an amazing pianist, has graciously agreed to play the grand piano for us while they dine.  Her husband is dusting off his tuxedo and has agreed to be the waiter.  I have been working on the menu and the table decor.  I still want them to have the experience of a fancy restaurant without the cost.  So, I am trying to recreate that atmosphere as best I can.  I plan on using my fine china and crystal.  I have a couple of long white table cloths and some natural linen table toppers in my collection (leftover from one of my brother's weddings I think).  I decided to accent them with bits and pieces of yellow.  Doesn't yellow just scream "spring"?  It's such a happy color.

And it has all kind of grown from there.

I thought I'd bring you along on my adventures this week as I get everything ready.

First up.  Decorations.  On the cheap.

I purchased some card stock at Hobby Lobby on sale yesterday and made some paper bunting.  I was able to make six long strands for under seven dollars.  I apologize for the really dark pictures.  I could not get the lighting to work.  I used  craft brown, yellow, champagne, white, and polka dot papers.  I was originally going to cut circles, because I love circle garlands.  There is just something about them that I am drawn to.  But in the end, I chose triangles.  For two reasons.  They are very easy to cut and there is very little waste.  I cut the triangles four inches high and three inches across the base.  Then I punched two holes to string them and ran a piece of white yarn through.  Simple.  I think they turned out really cute.

Last night I had the idea to make some little favor bags for the girls.  I decided to incorporate the bunting into the favor.  I used a fine tip black sharpie to draw a line onto some muslin bags that I already had in my stash.  Then I appliqued some tiny fabric triangles onto the line to make the "bunting".  I may stamp their names along the bottom or maybe just put "prom 2012".  We'll see.  I plan on filling these tiny bags with lemon drops.

Bunting.  So fun.  What do you think?


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