Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dollipop Patterns

I finally managed to find a minute to draw up some patterns for y'all.  These are scaled for a three inch lollipop.  If your pops are smaller, you may need to shrink your patterns a bit.  Just print out the patterns.  Cut them out and trace them onto your felt.  Cut out the felt, stitch, and embellish!

 Have a good time!

If you missed the original dollipop post, it's right here!


  1. Oh My Gosh! These are the Cutest things Ever! I just can't believe no one left you a comment on them!
    Well, I just found you and I'm following you AND I'm leaving a comment!! I Love them and I'm going to pin them too!

  2. Wow, thanks Laura! This post was pretty early in the history of this blog...I didn't have much traffic back then. I'm so glad that you found it--and that you found me!


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