Saturday, December 10, 2011


I don't usually encourage my kids to play with their food--but this time I will make an exception!  These little Dolli-pops are so much fun!  I've had a little love affair with felt for many years now.  What's not to love?  It's cheap.  It doesn't fray.  It comes in all of the colors of the rainbow.  Could you ask for anything more?  These felt personalities slip right over the top of a three inch sucker.  Just draw a little face on your lolli with an edible ink pen.  Slip your pop into a 3x5 plastic treat bag and tie a bow at the bottom.  They are totally interchangeable and provide hours of entertainment.  At least until you get a hankering for a lick of that lolli!

I couldn't resist doing a little Christmas version:

Meet my little elf friend!

 And the big man himself!

And of course, a Mr. wouldn't be complete without his Mrs.

I posted a recipe for homemade lollipops here.

Click here for printable patterns.



  1. It would be a blast to make a little set to send to my nieces! :) I'd love a pattern.

  2. These dolliepops are so adorable! Great job!

  3. Thanks so much! They were so fun to make. Watch for the patterns. Probably later in the week.

  4. A for ADORABLE!!!! We would love it if you would please link up with us for Fun Stuff Fridays.

  5. Thanks Lindsi! I will be sure to link up!

  6. These are super cute :) Visiting from toys in the dryer

  7. Thanks for "poppin" by Brooke! haha Glad that you're here!

  8. Hi Julie,
    Just found your cute patterns! One question ... Exactly how and where do you want the trim sewn on the elf hat,? noticed that the width of front piece is about 1/2 inch greater than the width of the trim ? I looked at your finished product but there it appears that the trim extends beyond. :-(
    I'm planning to use this idea for 35 church seniors with a double-stuffed oreo pop dipped in white chocolate and bagged!
    Thank for the great idea, as my theme this year is elves!

    1. Oh my. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I made these patterns sort of after the fact. I had originally just free-handed them. So, I hadn't noticed that the trim was not quite wide enough. I have fixed it all up. You should be able to print the pattern and sew without any difficulty now. I love the idea of the oreo pop! I would love to see photos of your finished product. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for your QUICK response! Can you tell,I am a retired FCS (Home Economics)teacher? :-) Also, I'm thinking, that I might just glue the trim piece on, after, I have sewn the other 2 pieces, together, so the green thread stitching would not appear on the red trim?
      Again, thanks for your super share! :-) :-)

    3. I think gluing the trim is a great idea!

    4. Will let you know how it turns out! :-) Again, thanks for the pattern and idea!


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