Friday, December 9, 2011

Popsicle Stick Nativity Craft

When my oldest child was in kindergarten, they made these darling nativities to give to their mothers for Christmas.  It has been one of my favorite treasures ever since...and he is seventeen now!  I don't know if his teacher came up with this on her own, or if she saw the idea in a magazine or something. 

You will need 8 popsicle sticks, glue, a black sharpie, and a small piece of fabric or cloth.

 Step One:  Glue six of the full size popsicle sticks together at the ends to form the stable.  Just a dab of glue at the end is plenty. 

Step Two:  Break two sticks in half.  That will yield four half-size pieces.  Use three of the pieces to form the manger.  Glue the cross bar to the side pieces.  It will look like an upside down capital letter A.  Now glue the manger to the stable, centering it at the bottom.

Step Three:  Take your remaining half popsicle stick and break it in half again.  This will be your baby Jesus.  Wrap him in a piece of fabric and glue the fabric in place.

Step Four:  Draw some simple eyes onto your baby with the sharpie.

Step Five:  Glue the baby to the cross bar of the manger.

Step Six:  Allow the whole project to dry completely.

Be sure to write your child's name and the date on the back.  This will be a keeper for sure!  You may even want to frame it to protect it.

I recently shared this on fingerprints on the fridge

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