Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Buddies

Many years ago we started a tradition in our family of choosing Christmas buddies.  We secretly choose a family member's name out of a hat (or a cup or a bowl) at the beginning of December.  All through the month we do secret acts of love for that person.  On Christmas Eve we reveal the true identity of our secret Christmas buddies to each other.  It is one of our favorite things to do during the holidays.  And it's pretty funny.  We don't have a very large family, so it's not usually too hard to figure out who has chosen your name.  But that doesn't spoil the fun at all.  We try to throw people off the track using all kinds of stealthy tactics.  Really, it's just plain fun to see the kids sneaking around being nice to each other.  And we have gotten pretty creative over the years.  Here's a list of some of the favorites:

*laundry folding (this is a big hit with Mom)
*dish doing (also one of Mom's favs)
*car washing and vacuuming
*bed making and room cleaning
*random treats (candy, yogurt smoothies, pop-tarts, donuts, chocolate milk, peanuts, sugar cereal, etc, etc)
*love notes (lipstick notes on the mirror, hand-written notes on your pillow, computer generated notes posted all over the house, notes in the lunch box...)
*special breakfasts and dinners
*getting checked out of school and taken out to lunch (this is a big hit with the kids!)

I have had my computer desktop hi-jacked and replaced with an original kid designed Christmas greeting.

My daughter (with the help of Dad) recorded herself saying all kinds of wonderful things (that a Mom never tires of hearing) and mixed it in with the Christmas playlist.  Her "I love you's" would come on at random times all day long.

My favorite thing so far this year, has been watching my five year old write simple love notes to her brother.  She can now write "I love you" all by herself.  And her favorite part is putting a "from ?" at the end.  

Secret Christmas Buddies.  To quote Martha, "it's a good thing!"

Want to get in on the action?  Choose a buddy.  Do something nice for him/her and leave one of these little cards in your wake.  Guaranteed smiles and Christmas cheer!

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