Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Valentine] A Classic Combination

Isn't about time we did a little doorbell ditchin?  Valentine style?  I thought so too.  I found these aluminum pans with cardboard lids at WalMart.  They weren't much more than a dollar for three pans.  They measure about eight inches by six inches.  These are the perfect vehicle for ditchin' some homemade treats.

I went ahead and designed a fun Valentine lid to put on top of the pans.  The cool thing have so many treat options.  Just think of something that combines classic flavors.

Cookies are at the top of my list.  Chocolate chip.  Sugar cookies with buttercream  frosting and sprinkles.  Homemade Oreos.  Snickerdoodles.  Peanut butter dipped in chocolate.  Mmmm.

Or if cookies aren't your thing, you could go with Sweetheart Popcorn.  Or Valentine Chex Mix.  Or Pink Party Mix.  All solid choices.

Bake up those delicious treats and package them into your pan.  Print out the box lid onto heavy card stock.  Crimp down the foil edges and you are ready for business.

I suppose if you weren't in a ninja doorbell ditchin' kind of could just hand deliver them with a smile.  That would be fun too.

For an alternate box here.  Just a friendly warning.  These may be ink intensive.  You might want to print them at your local copy shop.

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