Friday, December 13, 2013

Tag--you're it!

I've been making confections like nobody's business for the past week.  Eight batches of fudge.  Six batches of caramel.  Peppermint Bark.  And Christmas Pretzels.  Lots and lots of pretzels.  Hundreds.  Now it's time to package all of these goodies up.  Candy boxes.  Cellophane bags.  Red and green ribbons.  Check.  Check.  Double Check.  OH yeah...and tags.  Ummm.

No tags.  Well, that just won't do.  So I tried my hand at the ever popular chalkboard tags.  And this is what I came up with.  My beef is that these take so much black ink to print out.  So, I decided to have them printed at Costco.  I fit two tags on an 4x6 photo.  The cost is 6 1/2 cents per tag.  I don't know if that's cheaper in the long run than an ink cartridge.  But I like to think it is.  I hate buying printer ink.  And it never runs out at a convenient time.  Am I right?

Anyway, here is the file if you would like to make some chalkboard tags of your own.  Make sure you check the matte or flat option when you are ordering your prints.  Chalkboard tags are NOT meant to be glossy.  Just a little helpful tip.

Merry Christmas!

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