Saturday, October 20, 2012

You've been BREWed!

It's that time of year again.  Does your neighborhood participate in this fun little game of Halloween doorbell ditching?  We received a plate of darling and delicious goodies a few nights ago.  I've been wracking my brain and I came up with this idea for retaliation.  A fun pack of Halloween elixir!

Just follow these seven simple steps for some devilish fun!

1 Run to your nearest store and pick up a few bottles of root beer (any soft drink will do).  I really liked the look of the brown glass bottles.

Print out the labels and attach them to your jars.  Click here for the labels. After you print them, carefully cut them out.  You could get really fancy and print them on sticker paper.  Or just print on regular paper and stick them to your jars.  Sticky dots work pretty well.  Spray adhesive might be another option.

3  Spray paint your cardboard carrier a spooky Halloween color.  I had a partial can of black spray paint, and decided it would do nicely.  Frugality.  Let your paint dry completely.

4  Place your brew in the carrier and embellish with a tag and some ribbon from your scrap bin.  Again, frugality.

5  Sneak up on your unsuspecting neighbors in the cover of night.

6  Ring the doorbell.

7  Run. Run. Run!

**An alternate idea would be to gift these brews one bottle at a time.  They would make great teacher gifts.  I decided to embellish my bottle with a tiny witch's hat, some ribbon and a teeny tiny spider.

Happy Halloween!

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