Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are all about the Happy!

Happy Day Project:  Day Three

Assignment:  gift card to the homeless

 This assignment was a bit harder for me.  We don't have a large contingent of homeless people in my little town.  At least not in the traditional sense (stand on the corner and hold up a sign--brother can you spare a dime?)

We do have a lot of people that have lost their homes and are now living with relatives or friends. 

We do have a lot of people that have lost their jobs and come up against hard times.   So, I decided that I would rather focus on that.  I made a little gift card holder and bought a card to a local grocery store.  I am going to gift it to someone that I know that could use a little extra somethin-somethin.  It was hard to choose just one person to help.  I sure wish I could do more.

This card is made in two parts.  It's really quick to put together.  The first is the outer envelope.  The second is a "sliding" tag that has a little pocket for the gift card.  Awesome.

Do you want to make one too?

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