Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Day Project:  Day Five.

Assignment:  Refresh someone.

Refresh.  Re.  Fresh.  Refreshing.

What do you think of when you think of refresh?

I think of walking on beaches and dipping in the pool, and lemonades, and crisp salads and naps.  I think of spring and summer and new life.

This could be interesting, since it's fall and all.  Bitter cold winds.  Falling leaves.  Shortened days and frosty windshields. 

So, what to do?  I had a plan.  The plan was revised.  We'll save that idea for another time.  We are going for simple today.  Simple and fast.  It involves Sonic and a cute printable.

I have a memory of a few years back.  It was the dead of winter.  I had been sick for days.  But, Moms can't be sick, right?  There were still jobs that needed to be done.  Children.  Laundry.  Dishes.  Carpool.  No rest for the weary, and sniff-ly, and miserable.

Enter my sweet friend.  And a cherry limeade from Sonic.  It was heaven.  It was refreshing.  It was revitalizing.  It makes me feel better just thinking about it.

Grab a cherry limeade from Sonic.  Go during happy hour (2-4pm)  and get it for half-price!  Slide this cute little tag on the straw and bring a little reminder of summer to a dear friend!
I actually made two sheets of printables. (the second one was made with papers designed by weeds & wildflowers)  Don't you just love circle tags? Pick whichever one you like. Print. Cut-out. Punch two holes (one at the top and one directly beneath it at the bottom) and thread it on the straw.

Did you see the post on Joy's Hope today?  Great minds think alike.

P.S.  Can you believe we've gone over a week without a recipe??  That just won't do.


  1. And the winner of the Sonic slushie is...Brooke! Thanks for being the first ever to comment on my new blog!

    Leave me some love--you never know what might happen!

  2. I'm so honored, Julie! :) I am loving your crafty blog. And that slushie was delicious! It really did add some sunshine to my day. Thanks!


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