Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Soldier

If you've spent much time poking around this blog, then you know that I LOVE Valentine's Day!  It's my favorite.  Just click on the "Valentine" label in the right sidebar and you'll start to get an idea.  I couldn't let this week pass by without sharing a few of my latest Valentine creations with you. 

You can easily make a whole army of these traditional English soldiers in no time flat.  You will need some full sized Lifesaver rolls.  Mine measured 3.5 inches long.  You will also need a large black pompom.  Print out the soldier's uniform here.  Cut it out and wrap it around the lifesaver roll.  You will want to secure it with glue or tape.  Then glue the pompom on top for his hat.

And just like have a super cute valentine to give to all of your friends.

I attached mine to this here little card.  If you want it to be really glossy and crisp, you could print it out as a photo like I did.  Or you could print it out on cardstock.  There are just so many options!  I  mounted mine on red cardstock.  Punched a couple of holes and tied my little soldier onto the card with some baker's twine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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