Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Valentine] Peas be Mine

The PEAS are back!! Hip Hip Hooray!  If you missed my first pea post, you'll want to click here for sure.  I think these little green sixlets are just about the cutest things ever.  And don't they look just like peas??

This is what my seven year old daughter is handing out to her classmates this year.  There is a bit of irony going on here.  My daughter hates peas.  But when she discovered they were chocolate.  She was totally on board.  And really, nothing says first grade more than a knock knock joke!  It's all about the jokes here people!  I am loving the fact that it's not too much candy.  Just a little taste and that's enough.  Know what I mean?

I had some cute little plastic pillow boxes that were screaming to be used for this project.  You could just as easily put the peas in a tiny little bag.  Just attach the peas to the card with some sticky tape or a ribbon or BOTH.  And send these off to school.  Done.

Want to print some for yourself?  Click here.

 I bought my green sixlets at Hobby Lobby with a coupon and it only came to like three bucks.  AND  we only used about half the bag.  Happy happy.

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