Thursday, November 14, 2013

[The Gratitude Project] Dads

Today I am grateful for the men in my life!  Particularly my Dad.  And my husband, who is a magnificent father to my children.  I have been so blessed to have really kind amazing men in my life.  My Dad worked at a university before he retired.  He wore a suit and tie everyday to work.  He always got home from work at the same time everyday...6:00 pm.  And that was when we would gather for dinner.  I remember watching for him out the window and running to give him a big hug as he walked in the door every night.  I am grateful to have been raised in a traditional family with a father and mother that loved me and taught me and provided for my needs.

Times change.  My husband doesn't wear a suit and tie to work.  His preferred dress is shorts and flip-flops.  He doesn't even have a commute.  He works from home and I couldn't be happier about that.  I love having him here!  It's been wonderful for him to greet the children as they come home from school.  He loves to take a break from work now and then to push the kids on the swings or play a quick game of Go Fish.  

In honor of Dads, I made this fun garland.  I think it would be perfect for Father's Day.  Or any day really.  Hang up this garland and "celebrate" Dads.  They're pretty terrific!

Click here to print out your garland.  Cut along the black lines.  Punch some holes and thread onto some string.  

This garland doubles as "missionary" garland if you add a little black tag.  
Click here if you would like the missionary version. 

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