Friday, November 22, 2013

Bundle-Up Buttercup!

Today I am thankful for warmth!

It's freezing outside.  I am so grateful for a warm home to live in.  For hot food right out of the oven.  And for warm blankets to snuggle up in.

I came up with this little encourage warm hearts and warm hands.

I picked up a mug for pennies at the good will.  For fun, I added a mug cozy.  I'm not super skilled or proficient at crocheting, but in no time at all, I had finished this cutie.  I modified this pattern  just a little.  I liked the look of the scalloped edges, so I didn't edge the cozy with a single crochet stitch.  Give it a try...if I can do it, you can too!  And it was so fun, that I made quite a few.  Just sew on a random button from your stash and wrap it snugly around your mug.

Fill your mug with some (peanut) buttercups!  Add this cute little tag and you're all set for warming up somebody's day.

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