Sunday, November 3, 2013

[The Gratitude Project] Lifesaver Challenge--Updated

I love November.  I love being reminded to slow down and be grateful.  Life is such a blessing.  We have been given so much.  We had a wonderful lesson at church today about gratitude.  Someone told of a challenge they were given as a teenager to pop a lifesaver in their mouth just before they started to pray.  And then offer a prayer of gratitude--thanking God for all their blessings until their lifesaver was gone.

That little nudge was all I needed to come up with these gratitude "matchbook" favors.  I'm calling it "The Lifesaver Challenge".  Maybe you could use it as a little hand out for a lesson at church or family home evening or whatever.  These little matchbooks are very easy to make.  Just print out a sheet of them here.  Then cut along the black lines and fold along the light grey lines.  Staple a lifesaver candy under the tab at the bottom.  Then slide the top under the flap.  Wow.  How easy was that? 

I'm going to participate in the lifesaver challenge today.  These three punks will be at the TOP of my list.  Want to do it with me?  Leave a comment about some of the things you thanked God for.  I can't wait to hear how He has blessed you!


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  1. That is a sweet printable. Thank you for the great idea!

  2. Great idea !! THANK YOU for the awesome printable. Great idea for advent calendars.

  3. This is a great idea! We'd like to share it this month on our

  4. What a wonderful gift to make a basket full at the store to share Christ with everyone. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Very Good idea! Thanks for the print out.

  6. I have been blessed with a healthy child and many friends that are wonderful role models.

  7. So cool. I could hand these out as I do errands. I want to be more thankful this year. I'm grateful that God has moved me in new directions this year. I got to start my blog. I'm doing a Thankful Challenge at my blog,

    I am grateful that God has mov

  8. I made something similar for our church’s Spring Awakening. I called them Encourage Mints. I put the scripture theme inside it. You could also make these and put something like, “You are loved” or any other encouraging words on it.


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