Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa Hat Bag Toppers

My daughter was so excited to make Santa Sucker Favors for all of her friends.  We decided to keep with the whole Santa theme for the packaging.  These are super simple to make and give.  Grab some red and white construction paper or card stock, some cotton balls, and a stapler.

First we made red triangles for the hat.  Easy.
Second we made white strips for the trim.  Make the strip double the width of your hat.  You want it to wrap around the back of the bag.  We went ahead and printed a Christmas greeting on the trim.  You certainly wouldn't have to.
Third, we folded down the tip of the hat and glued on a cotton ball.

To assemble, insert your Santa beard and a sucker into a cellophane bag.  Fold down the top of the bag a time or two.  Place the hat over the fold, wrapping the trim around the back.  Staple.  And you're done!

HOHOHO...Merry Christmas!

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