Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[The Gratitude Project] Daily Bread

I am so thankful for a bounteous table.  We have always been blessed to have enough nutritious food to feed our family.  And there's always some to share.

Today I made this crock-pot oatmeal for breakfast.  This is a yummy recipe. I added applesauce to mine instead of chunky apples.  And my family is not big into nuts, so I left those out.   Anyway, the recipe made waaayy more than we were able to eat.  So I decided to make some oatmeal bread out of the left-overs.  I doubled the recipe below and it yielded four large loaves of bread.  Plenty to enjoy and a couple of loaves to share.  Perfect.  For a softer crust, brush your warm loaves with melted butter.  Or brush with warmed honey and sprinkle with a few oat flakes.

This bread would be delicious with raspberry butter!  Or toast it up for breakfast and spread with your favorite jam.

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