Sunday, November 11, 2012

[The Gratitude Project] Cousins!

Today I am thinking about extended family...and cousins in particular.  Cousins are like instant best friends.  The only sad thing about our cousins, is that they live so far away!  Let's do a shout out to cousins today and send them some fun mail!

Cousins and corny go hand in hand, right?  That's what I figured.  So I came up with this corny pun. (To print your own tags, click here)

And I bought a lot of candy.  Grrr-ape flavored candy.

And I put in a clear box to amp up the fun.

And we wrote a little note on the back of the card.

We sealed it, we addressed it, and we dropped it in the mail.

Fun mail!  It's what makes cousins happy!

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