Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peg Doll Pals

Are these not the cutest things you've seen in a long long time?  I haven't done any peg dolls since these and these.  We are way past due people!

 I've been wanting to try my hand at this kind of a clothespin doll.  We used to use this kind when I was a kid to make reindeer pins for Christmas, remember those?  These pins are flat an both sides and void of metal springs.  They make for some pretty fun little people...with their squatty bodies and really long legs. Not to mention the whole no arms thing. 

We spent yesterday afternoon painting these guys.  Actually most of them are girls.  I should have snapped a photo of the backs of them.  There are lots of pony tails and braids going on in the back.  My little one wanted in on the action.  She painted "Alex"  the one on the right.  I think she did a fantastic job.  He was a boy at first.  And then she changed her mind and decided it should be a girl.  Hence the name Alex.  It can go either way.

Today we decided that they needed a "home".  Some way to keep them organized and handy.  I put my oldest daughter to work making this peg doll carrier.  We dug out some fabric scraps and I set her loose in my sewing room.  All it takes is two strips of fabric about eighteen inches long and some thread.  She sewed the strips together and then sewed little pockets for each of the dolls to slip in to.  To make it extra fabulous, she labeled each pocket with the doll's name. 

Add some ribbon to the end.

And tie them all up nice with a bow!

So, what do dice games and peg dolls have in common?  Tune in tomorrow and I promise it will all make sense.

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  1. So talented! Fantastic ideas. I hope y'all have us for Christmas. Love love these cute peg dolls. Loving the carrier. Did u write their names by hand? Julie T

  2. Thanks Julie! The Lady did all the lettering by hand and most of the sewing. I think she did a great job!

  3. Where do you buy clothes pins like this? LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea.

  4. Becky, I found mine at Hobby Lobby. I would guess most craft stores would have them.

  5. Oh my goodness, those are adorable! You are so talented :). I'd love to see the backs with the pony tails and braids!

  6. these are amazing. love them.:)

  7. You can buy them at the $Store.

  8. what kind of paint did you use for these?


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