Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paint Chip Color Match

I saw these paint chip cards at Wal-Mart, and had an idea.  I could use them in a color word recognition game!  (To go along with this one.)  This game is speedy quick to put together.  Don't let the number of steps fool you. 

Step One:  Grab a few paint cards.  I chose eight bright basic colors.  You can make it as hard or as easy as you like.  I may add some harder colors later on.

Step Two:  Pull some small envelopes out of your stash.  My envelopes were really small, but they fit the width of my paint cards perfectly.  These envelopes are the same ones you find in florist shops to house those little sentiment cards.  (Your envelope size is going to depend on the size of your paint card.  Just find something that the cards will easily slide in and out of.)

Step Three:  Seal your envelopes and label them with color words.  I used my alphabet stamps and an ink pad.  Whatever floats your boat.

Step Four:  My paint cards were too long.  They originally had seven squares of color on them.  As you can see, I cut them down to just three paint squares. That did the trick.  You want them just a smidgen longer than the envelopes.

Step Five:  Laminate your cards and envelopes if your heart desires.

Step Six:  Cut one of the sides of your envelopes off.  Just a sliver.  You want it to be open on one end.  This will make the "pocket" for your paint cards.  After I finished cutting, I realized that I should have cut the right side off instead of the left.  (Making it much easier for little right-handers to slide the cards in and out)  Don't be silly like me.  Unless you're a lefty.

Step Seven:  Punch a hole in the top of each paint card.  Raid your ribbon stash and tie the cards with a coordinating color of ribbon.   It will look very much like a bookmark.

Step Eight:  Punch a hole in the bottom corner of each envelope and slide them onto a ring.  

And you're done! 

Hand them over to your little one and have them match the paint cards with the correct envelope.  Fun.

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  1. Lovely matching game. Thanks for linking up to the Kids Co-op!


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