Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Complete the Word Clothespin Game

Back in the fall, I visited my local teacher's supply store and purchased a book entitled, Reading First Activities Grade K  by JoDene Lynn Smith.  It has been a fabulous spring board for lots of good reading activities for my little one.  I thought I would share one of the games that we have enjoyed playing.  It's a clothespin word game.

You will need some clothespins and some word cards.  I printed and laminated cards from the book.  (A huge thanks to my older daughter for coloring them for me!)  But, I think it would be easy to recreate your own.  You could use simple free clip-art from the internet, or cut pictures from a magazine, or even draw your own.

You want pictures of simple objects that are identified with three or four letter words.  Type the word at the bottom of the card.  Leave a blank space for the beginning letter.  Then you will need to use a sharpie and write the beginning letters onto the clothespins.

To play the game, have your child clip the clothespin with the corresponding letter onto the card to "complete the word".  It's that easy!


  1. I ADORE this early literacy activity! Thank you for sharing at the Kid's Co-Op!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Marnie! I hope you'll come back soon. I have a few more early learning activities up my sleeve!

  3. Love this simple learning activity! I am sharing it over on my blog today!


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