Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[baby edition] batik baby blanket part two

If you missed part one, you will want to click here to bring yourself up to speed.  Gather your supplies and stamp your wax patterns onto your fabric.  Once your fabric is waxed with your chosen design, you are ready to dye it.

Just to remind you, for this part of the project, you will need:

RIT liquid dye
non-iodized salt
a non-reactive bucket or large old bowl
a stirring stick
rubber gloves
old towels and rags
iron and ironing board
paper towels or kraft papers

I purchased a bottle of RIT liquid dye in petal pink.  I only needed a small bucket of dye for this project.  Pour eight cups of hot water into your bucket.  Add 1/4 cup dye to your water.

 Now add 1/4 cup of  non-iodized salt and stir well.

Submerse your fabric into the dye mixture.

Allow it to set until it becomes the color you desire.  I waited ten to fifteen minutes.  The longer it sits in the dye bath, the darker and brighter the color.

Carefully remove the fabric and blot it with some old rags.  Hang the fabric to dry.  Once your fabric is dry, you will want to iron it, to remove the wax.  Place a clean old rag on your ironing board.  Place paper towels or kraft paper on top of the rag.  Place your fabric on top of the paper.  Put another paper towel or piece of kraft paper on top of your fabric.  Iron away!  You want to use a hot dry iron (no steam).  I set my iron on the "cotton" setting.  The wax will melt and be absorbed by the paper.  Change out your paper towels as necessary.  Continue ironing until all of the wax is removed from your fabric. 

Iron the entire piece of fabric really well to set the dye.  Hand wash your fabric with detergent to remove any traces of beeswax.

Now you are ready to finish sewing your sweet baby blanket.  Square up the sides  with a rotary cutter and turn the edges.  Buzz around the edges with your sewing machine to hem it.  Tie it with a cute bow and you are all set to go!

I can't wait to see this blanket swaddled around a little new born baby!

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