Saturday, December 3, 2011

A prescription of sorts

We have not decked the halls.
There is no fa-la-la.
Christmas I fear 
May not come at all.

Well, it's not quite that dismal.  But it has set me back.  I had big plans this week.  I was going to decorate.  I was going to bake and make confections.  I was going to spend every waking moment listening to Christmas music.  I was even going to do a little shopping.


Well...the best laid plans of mice and men.  How does that go?  Anyway.  I have been sick in bed (well, it is physically impossible for me to stay in bed all day, but I have been confined to the four walls of our home) for five straight days.   This little bug is nasty.  It hangs on and on and on.  It involves fevers and chills and aches among other things.  The most annoying of which is a super sore throat that just won't let go.  I have come up with several remedies for a sore throat in case you need them for future reference.  They won't cure you, but they do ease the pain a bit.  Are you ready for my medical prescription?

Sonic slushies.
Rootbeer freezes.
Strawberry and/or peach smoothies.

Sip at least one of the three daily.  Two or three times daily if you can get away with it.  A bowl of ice cream will do in a pinch.  It may be the only thing you will be able to consume.  Relish it.  Savor it.  Allow it to really freeze your throat.  Ice chips work well too.  And tic-tacs.  (I know weird, huh.)  Soup is a good cure.  Especially when it is prepared by loving friends and neighbors.  You guys are best!


There is not a stitch of holiday decor in my home as of yet.  My son was home sick from school yesterday (it's moving swiftly through the whole family) and we were going to put up the tree.  We got as far as moving the couch aside (my Christmas decor is in a hidden cubby behind the couch in our family room).

Then we sat down on the couch instead.

Several hours later we closed the cubby door and moved the couch back.  We just couldn't muster it.

My honey is a techno-geek-genius.  He has rigged up this poor old discarded computer as our music station.  It plays music all through the house.  Programmed for nineteen straight hours of Christmas music.  It is a beautiful thing.   Yesterday right in the middle of Jingle Bells, it up and died.  There was no living will.  No mandate to refrain from lifesaving measures.  We tried to revive.  We even hooked up the life support.  It was no good.  It was just his time to go.


So, no festive halls.  No angels singing.

But today is a new day.  My throat is feeling better.  It no longer seems like I am swallowing a pin-cushion.  I am hopeful.  And isn't that what Christmas is all about?


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