Sunday, November 13, 2011

blessing bags--take two!

Have you ever seen Disney's Mary Poppins?  I love that show.  My favorite part is when Mary is telling the children about the little old bird woman that sits on the steps of the cathedral.  You know, the part when Mary sings "feed the birds".  I think that is the most beautiful and moving song of the whole movie. 

We had a cold storm blow through the past couple of days.  Lots of wind and lots of rain (we were supposed to get snow-but no such luck!)  Anyway, I've been thinking about those cold little birds.  I decided to bless the birds today, since my sack lunch project is on hold.

Bird seed bags.  They are all the rage (didn't you know?)

I just happened to have a half bag of birdseed leftover from another project.  I cut some muslin into little squares and serged up the sides and across the bottom.  Then I stamped this little graphic on the outside.  Do you remember stamps?  The rubber kind?  Yeah.  I had to dig pretty deep to find them, but I came out victorious.

Once your little bags are made, pour in some birdseed.  Tie a ribbon to the top and add a little tag if you want.  Then give them away to everyone you know.

Feed the birds.  Tuppence a bag!

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