Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mummy Pops


Whew.  That was a long break.  Far too long.

Let's bring this blog back from the dead...with Mummy Pops!

You'll want to dig way back in the archives for instructions on how to make these delicious twix pops.  Dip them in the milk chocolate and definitely stripe them with white chocolate.  You want the white chocolate to look like mummy bandages.  I tapped the pop a bit while the chocolate was still warm to smooth out the lines a little.  Let the chocolate harden.  Then take some black circle sprinkles and "glue" them on or between the "bandages".  Use a small amount of warm white chocolate as your "glue".  I just dipped a toothpick into the chocolate and dabbed it where I wanted the eyes to be.  Then carefully place the eyes over the dabs and apply a little pressure with the other end of the toothpick to make sure they are really attached well.  I used a Halloween sprinkle mix.  It had green and purple and black circular sprinkles.  I think they ended up to be the perfect size for my little mummies!

Let your mummy pops set up really well before you package them.  I put them in a small plastic bag and twisted the plastic around the lollipop stick.  Then I secured the end with some clear tape.

To "dress" your mummy you will need some gauze.  I found a new roll of gauze in my first aid kit.  You want it to be about an inch wide.  Cut it into 6" strips and wrap each one around the stick.  I liked leaving a little "collar" at the top and some fringe at the end.  Secure it in place with glue.

And that's it!  You're done.  Aren't these the cutest little mummies you've ever seen?

No go...relax and unwind!

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