Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[Valentine] Round Chunky Post Card

Two days until Valentine's Day?!!  Where did the time go?  I might slam you a little bit in the next day or two with a bunch of posts.  I still have so many valentine ideas that I want to get out to you.

First of all.  Remember these beauties from last year?  Chunky Love Post Cards. 

Well, they were such a hit with the grandparents that I thought we'd do it again.  This year I wanted to try a circular version.  They are just a little bit trickier to cut out.  But we enjoy a bit of a challenge, right?

You will need foam board, photos (I made these a bit bigger, so you will want 5x7 photos), spray adhesive, an exacto knife, a cutting mat, and this printable.

Follow the general directions here.  I found it easiest to cut a rough square around the circular printable.  Then I cut a square piece of foam board about the same size and shape.  Spray the adhesive onto the foam board and attach the printable.  Then make your precision cut around the circular border.  This gives a more professional looking product.  Once you have your foam board/post card cut out, trace around it onto your photo.  Carefully cut out your photo.  Once again spray the adhesive onto the blank side of the foam board.  Attach your photo.  Trim any overhang if necessary with your exacto knife.

Now all you have left to do is personalize your post card.  Write a little note, tell your special someone how much you love them, or have your child draw a simple picture.  I guarantee the recipients of these post cards will love them.

Just a reminder--you will want to have the post master weigh and hand stamp these cards.  Just in case.  I'd hate for them to get lost in the mail.  I've had various rates applied to my post cards depending on the post master that is helping me.  Some will just put a stamp on it.  Others charge a bit more.  Who knows?  It's still very affordable and super adorable!

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