Monday, January 14, 2013

[Valentine] Share the Love Candy Wreath


This is procrastination done right.  That's what this is.  I totally intended to make a candy wreath for Christmas.  I had a bucket of candy waiting in the pantry for me to have a few spare minutes.  But, I got over-run by all of the Christmas madness.  The good news?  Most of my candy was red and/or white.  It totally works for Valentine's day.  Three cheers for procrastination!!

I love this wreath.  It's heart shaped.  It's red.  It's delicious.  It's totally easy to make and is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone you share it with.

Do you need a valentine for Great Grandma who is in the care center?  This is the perfect wreath to hang on her door.  Visitors can enjoy a little piece of candy while they chat.  Just pluck a piece right off.

Maybe you need a valentine gift for your favorite Kindergarten teacher.  Again, this is the perfect solution.  She can hang it on her classroom door and when she feels the time is right she can share a piece of candy with the children or her co-workers.

So, let's get busy.  You will need a heart shaped wreath form.  Styrofoam will work.  I happened to have a metal form.  It worked fine too.  You will also need some candy.  And a glue gun.  That's it.

Set out your candy and decide how you would like to arrange it.  Then carefully glue each piece onto the form.  Just keep gluing and layering.

In just a few minutes you will have a beautiful lush candy wreath!

Wrap it up with a bow and hang it in a place of distinction.

There you go.  Now go share the love!

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  1. Super cute. Don't you just love that "leftover" Christmas candy works so well for St. Valentine's and St. Patrick's Days. Nice work.

  2. Thanks Jenn! You are always so kind--I love your comments!


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