Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Party in a Can

Today is Grandpa's birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Now--Grandpa if you are reading this, you need to divert your eyes.  Close your browser right now and don't come back until you get a package from us in the mail.  Sadly, I was about a day too slow in putting this little package together, so it is not going to get to you on your birthday.  But we love you.  And we miss you.  We'll call you in a bit and sing to you.  Now off with you.  Go on.

Grandpa lives far away.  Grandpa is turning 70 today.  It's a big deal.

We decided to put together a little birthday party for him.  We made some confetti balloons and some toothpick poppers.  We gathered a few noisemakers.  We made a birthday banner.  We even made a mini birthday cake of sorts--complete with candles.  And we found a cute little gift that is perfect for Grandpa.  Grandpa is a handyman.  He spends his days fixing things.  We happened upon a key chain tape measure.  Get this--it measures exactly 70 inches!  How perfect is that?  We wrote him a 70 inch birthday note on the back of the tape measure with an extra fine sharpie.  It turned out really cool.

To top it all off, we carefully tucked everything into a quart sized paint can from Home Depot.  And we mailed it off.  Is there anything better than getting fun mail from the postal carrier?

Happy birthday Grandpa!  We hope that you have a super fantastic 25,568th day of life!


  1. It Finally came and I opened it. What a wonderful Surprise! That was sooooo neat and surprises just kept coming and coming, one after another. I loved every second of it!

    Thank you all so much. I love you and miss you, but I'm glad we are here. I'll think of you every day, many times, as I am going to use my new ruler as my main ruler.

    Love, G'pa

  2. That is the cutest thing, ever! I wish I had thought to do more than just call him. Well, I had just driven 20 hours each way to see him (and her) for Christmas, but still, 70 is a big deal. I'm so glad you did something so great for him.


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