Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[The Gratitude Project] Helping Hands


What started out today as gratitude for the delightful birds in our backyard, turned in to so much more.  I've been wanting to make some bird feed garlands for the trees for a while now.  My daughter was playing with a friend this morning and things started to detereorate.  Her friend had to go home.  My daughter came to me in tears.  So I decided that this morning would be the perfect time to pull out this project.  We had a great time stringing all of these goodies for the birds.  We pulled some string from off the shelf and popped some popcorn.  We also found some dried fruit in the cupboard and some fresh cranberries.  Shell peanuts added that extra bit of bling to our garland. 

I love the birds in our yard.  But I love these little hands more than words can say.

Having a project that we could work on together helped dry the tears and quickly turned them into smiles and laughter.

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