Saturday, November 3, 2012

[The Gratitude Project] Date Night

Wow, it has been a crazy busy day.  We started at 6:00 in the AM.  Big swim meet today.  My daughter did so great--she took tons of time off of her events.  Yahoo! 

Today, because I am exhausted and don't feel like making dinner...and because I've hardly spent any time with my honey this week... I am grateful for my weekly date night with my husband.  We normally go out on Friday nights, but this week we had a conflict.  So, we are going tonight.  Couldn't come a moment too soon!  Date nights are the best.  We aren't super creative with what we do.  But, we are consistent.  Just being alone together (sans kids) is a breath of fresh air.  What do you like to do on your dates?  Need some ideas?  Have you ever heard of The Dating Divas?  You should check them out.  They have great ideas.

Tell the one you love how much you appreciate them today!  And take them out to dinner.  Just because.

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't agree more. I love date night even though we are sans kids all the time.


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