Monday, June 18, 2012

[The Ice Cream Scoop] A Double Feature

KitKat Caramel Crunch Ice Cream

I have two flavors for you today.  The first one, we dubbed "KitKat Caramel Crunch".  Follow the recipe for vanilla ice cream found at the bottom of this post.  As your ice cream begins to firm up, add some chopped KitKat bars (about three large candy bars) and two roughly chopped Skor or Heath bars.  Finish processing your ice cream.  When it has completed churning, scoop it into a freezer safe container.  At this point you will want to layer your ice cream with caramel.  So, scoop a layer of ice cream into the container.  Top with a thin layer of caramel syrup (homemade or caramel ice cream topping).  Continue layering until your container is full.  Place your container of ice cream in the freezer until firm.  When you scoop out the ice cream there will be a gorgeous ribbon of caramel distributed throughout.  This flavor is my favorite to date!

Mint Chocolate Chip

My husband's favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.  So, in honor of Father's Day I made up a batch just for him.  (Although we are all secretly hoping that he will share!)

Again, follow the recipe for vanilla ice cream found at the bottom of this post.  Add several drops of green food coloring if you want and 1/4 teaspoon of peppermint oil to the ice cream mix before turning on the ice cream maker.  Pack your container with ice and rock salt and let it churn for a while.  Add 1 cup of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips when the ice cream begins to firm up.  When the ice cream has reached perfection, scoop it into a freezer safe container and let it firm up in the freezer for a couple of hours.  You know how I told you KitKat Caramel Crunch was my favorite?  I lied.  Mint Chocolate Chip is my new love.

You will want to whip up a chocolate cake or a batch of delicious brownies while you wait.  It's meant to be.  Your ice cream will be lonely if you don't.

And no one wants to deal with a lonely bowl of ice cream.

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