Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[teacher appreciation] Nuggets of Wisdom

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming right up.  I thought I would share a few ideas that I've had over the next few days.  For the first time in many many years, I don't have any children in the elementary school.  But this idea is very adaptable.  You could send it with your little one to preschool, or with your teenagers to give to a favorite teacher.  Everyone likes to be appreciated!  This is also easy to do with your children or as an entire classroom.  I was the room mother for my daughter's sixth grade class last year.  The PTA asked me to take over the classroom for 45 minutes to give the teacher an extra long lunch.  We did something similar to this to keep the children busy and show our appreciation as an entire class.  So, it's up to you!  Adapt away.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

You will need just a few supplies:

 Hershey's Nuggets (these are the most useful candy!)
scrapbook paper-I chose a school themed design
pencils or pens
plastic pillow box or other suitable container
paper band and tag

Cut your paper into strips that will wrap around each candy bar.  Mine measured an inch in width and three inches in length.

Have your child (or all of the students) write something on the back of each paper strip that they learned this year from their teacher.   Some wonderful bit of wisdom that the teacher shared with them.  It could be something as simple as learning to write their name.  Or maybe something more complex like the Pythagorean Theorem or Newton's Laws of Physics.  Maybe they had a great literary experience or learned the lyrics to a particularly awesome song.  Whatever.

Next you just tape the paper strips around the candy bars and package it up all cute. I chose to put my candy bars in this darling plastic pillow box that I found at my local copy store.  If you are doing this on a larger scale you will need a larger cellophane bag or box.

To finish it off, I made a paper band to wrap around the box.  I labeled it "nuggets of wisdom".  Then I made a thank you tag and included a quote from David Viscott.
"The purpose of life is to discover your gift.  The meaning of life is to give your gift away."
I just taped the band together around the back and punched a hole in the tag.  Then I attached it with some baker's twine.

It would be a lovely gesture to slip a gift card into the pillow box before you give it to your favorite teacher!  Thank goodness they are willing to share their gifts with our children!

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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I did something similar to this one year. I love it! Thanks for linking to the Point of View Linky Party.

  3. I love the look of the pillow boxes for gifts. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up to POV!

  4. These are darling!! What is the office store where you got the pillow boxes?
    PLEASE let me know at

  5. These are darling!! What is the office store where you got the pillow boxes?
    PLEASE let me know at


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