Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Basket

 Raise your hand if you are ready for Spring?

Picture me raising my hand.  I am ready.  We have had a pretty mild winter as far as winters go.  But, I am ready for lush.  I am ready for color.  I am ready for new life and green growing things.

If Mother Nature isn't going to cooperate, I am going to be forced to take matters into my own hands.  And you can too.

This is super easy and relatively inexpensive.  Grab a basket from your stash.  I know you have one.  Or a bucket or a box.  Anything.  Gather a few little plants.  I picked up a couple of primroses from WalMart for a dollar each.  I added a fake green plant.  (Shh--don't tell anyone)  And I added a little pot of daisies that I grabbed at the grocery store for a couple of dollars.

I took the foil papers off of my plants and removed the planting instructions.  You can replant them into a little pot or just leave them as is.  Remember that when you water them the water could run out of the temporary pots and flood your area.  Take precautions, or just pull the little pots out when you water them to let them drain.

I thought my basket needed a little something, so I lined it with a scrap of burlap.  Then I just packed the plants in there.  Pack them good.  Fit as many as you can.  You want your basket to look full.  Add a bow if you want to the handle of your basket.  Place it on your kitchen table or counter.  Somewhere that will make you happy.

Now sit back and dream of sunny days!

And when the sun finally does start to shine, take those little plants and transplant them to a lucky spot in your garden.


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