Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phonics Phonics Phonics

So, my husband is quite disturbed by the fact that phonics is spelled with a "ph" and not an "f".  Can you explain that?  Me either. 

Anyway, my little preschool people are ready for another phonics challenge.  So, I whipped up another word wheel.  This time we are blending two consonants together.  You will want to refer to this post for another fun word wheel and for the instructions on how to put them together.  It is a double wheel, which allows you to change the beginning sounds and the ending word chunks.  Just a reminder...some of these words will be nonsensical.  But, it's fun practice sounding out words just the same.  Have the kids tell you whether it's a real word or a silly word.  My preschooler loves making up silly words anyway.  It's also a great exercise in defining words.  I usually tell her the meaning of the real words as she sounds them out.  She's getting quite the vocabulary.  We are having so much fun building words!  If you would like to make your own word wheel, just click on the printer icon below.

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  1. Very creative way to teach phonics! Thanks for sharing your word wheel. I'm visiting from Toys in the Dryer.

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by. Come back soon...I have more phonics wheels in the works!

  2. Can you email me this file. I can't seem to be able to download it.


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