Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[Valentine] You're a Hoot!

I designed this valentine in honor of Grandma.  She's been on a bit of an owl kick lately.  I absolutely adored these pillow box owls  that I found on Pinterest, but it seemed like way too much work for a flock of classroom valentines.  So, I came up with a pillow box of my own.  I have a couple of versions for you.  This first one you can print out and color yourself, for all of those crayola aficionados out there.  Both of my daughters went with the "color your own" version.  They love their crayons!

But, if you are in more of a hurry,  you will want to print out a colored version.  I loved this pink ruffly owl.   Ruffles are everywhere these days and I just can't get enough!  (Just click on the link to print)

Not into pink?  No problemo.  Here is the sweet little barn owl from above that I happen to think is super adorable.  (again, click on the link to print)

Whichever version you choose, print it out onto card stock.  Carefully cut them out along the outer black lines.  Score the inner black straight and curved lines and fold to make your pillow box.  
I like to use an embossing stylus or the end of a small crochet hook to get a crisp fold.  Place your pillow box on a self-healing mat or a pad of paper.  Use your stylus and trace over the lines to be folded.  You will want to press hard but not so hard that you tear the paper.  I went over mine twice.

You will want to take a circle punch and punch a half circle in the top and bottom of your box on the address side of the valentine.  This will make it easier to open.  Pre-fold everything before you glue it together.  Tape or glue the long side flap onto the inside of the box.  It's much easier to address your valentines laid out flat before you fill them with goodies.  The punched flaps fold down first.

These little boxes are the perfect size for a little candy bar or small gift!

Now, "Hoo" loves you baby?

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  1. i am a sucker for owls and these are so cute!! sharing with my facebook friends!


    xo ~ kristi

    1. Thanks Kristi for spreading the owl love! Come back soon!

  2. Adorable - thank you for your generousity!

  3. I'm so grateful for talented, creative people like you! I adore owls AND pink!


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