Monday, January 30, 2012

[Valentine] Sweetheart Basket

Do you have a certain special Valentine?

My husband and I were married around Valentine's day many moons ago.  We often go away for a weekend in February to celebrate--you know, just the two of us.  I like to put a little basket together for us to share while we are away from home.

I might add some of our favorite treats and snacks.  A drink or two.  Maybe a new movie to watch or a book or magazine to read.  You could throw in some bubble bath or lotion.  You can really add whatever you and your valentine might enjoy most.  This year I put all of our goodies into a "bushel" basket and I made up this little tag to go with it. I stitched a ribbon across the top and attached it to a bow.

Could you use one of these tags for your special valentine?  I thought so.  If you would like to download and print a sheet of these tags, just click here.

Now I just need to go and make some reservations---where should we go this year?

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  1. Oh, wow - my mom used to sing this to me! I probably haven't heard it in almost 20 years!! Thanks for giving me a smile, and for making this wonderful printable available. :-)

    1. My Mom would sing it to me too! Glad I could give you a smile. The song comes from the musical Guys and Dolls--if you were wondering.


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